adChain is an open protocol on the public Ethereum blockchain that allows for the building of decentralized applications for the $175 billion digital advertising ecosystem

The first solution of adChain is the adChain Registry, a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain which stores domain names accredited as non-fraudulent by ADT holders. ADT holders will access a token-weighted voting mechanism through a user interface to vote on whether a publisher domain is fraudulent or non-fraudulent.

dApps (decentralized applications) utilizing the adChain protocol will enable advertisers and publishers to run campaigns that leverage the power of Ethereum, while maintaining the familiar user experience of legacy tools. These dApps will drive adoption across the thousands of advertisers, publishers and technology providers, in the digital advertising ecosystem.

adChain Key Value Benefits

  1. adChain provides a rich data set of impression events that provides end-to-end transparency for all data in the supply chain
  2. The adChain Registry serves as universally decentralized whitelist for non-fraudulent publisher domains
  3. Advertisers and publishers have a comprehensive audit trail for everything related to a campaign (e.g. participants, media and placements)
  4. Advertisers maintain control over 1st party data
  5. Fraud can be identified and blacklisted in real time
  6. Compliments existing safety vendors and fraud prevention solutions by providing secure and comprehensive data
  7. Impression data is stored on Ethereum forever and remains immutable

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